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12 July 2014

review | pink apple designs

a while back i shared a bit of a bedroom tour that included my latest clever clogs contraption i'd decided to house all of my hair bit and bobs in. well, i  say "all", but really what that means is "purely crowns and headbands", meaning that all my other bits and pieces were still scattered about the place with reckless abandon; bows were all clipped to a disused scarf, bun crowns were sitting pretty atop some sort of can or something, and yeah, it was kind of a shambles. not to mention that when i moved house at the end of may, a lot of things - namely that disused scarf and particular empty hairspray can, were unceremoniously thrown away leaving me with a shit heap of bits and bobs, and nowhere to keep them.

so when the good people over at pink apple designs got in touch asking if there was something i'd quite like to review, well, my attention was immediately drawn to the vitra rotary tray. mostly because pink. secondarily because, perfect contraption for all of the things! when it turned up i was uber excited to get it out of the box and on to my dressing table, to make sure it was big enough and looked good. all the important things!

vitra rotary tray c/o pink apple

first things first: incredibly cute. made from thick matte plastic, in the most perfect shade of 'pale rose', it compliments every other thing on my dressing table. the bottom dish is pretty big too, so happily holds all of my bows (not shown for incredibly artistic reasons... there are a lot), while the smaller of the dishes holds all of the bun crowns and scrunchies. yes, this guy owns crunchies (again); who'd a thunk it huh!

the best thing is that the top dish swivels on its stand, so you can like, have it facing outward (as shown), or more centrally above the larger dish. which is good if you have less space. i like how much room it takes up though, it kind of owns my dressing table, making my hair stuffs the pride of place. 

which... they ought to be, right?

pink apple have a lot of neat little products and designs in their range, and i am super pleased by the quality of the tray. plus, for a completely british-designed piece like this, i was really surprised by the price of it - less than £35 with free delivery inside the uk, an absolute bargain if you ask me. which, you didn't, but they did. so, there's my two quids worth.

am i a genius for using the tray the way i have?
how would you utilise something like this? tell me your thouuuuuughts.

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  1. I think it looks really nice :)


    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. I definitely would! I could even see it being versatile enough to use like in the kitchen for some of my baking supplies like maybe cookie cutters or something but if not I think it would be lovely at my vanity for hair accessories or lipstick or such. Such a pretty color.

  3. ahh that's such a good idea too! lippies - that's a great idea too... maybe I need a second one... hmmmmmm x

  4. thanks so much Hayley!

  5. I think so too! x

  6. Renée Le Norman16 July 2014 at 08:43

    No one is as lucky as us! i love that print.. !

  7. It's a commission from a friend in the states - that song reminds me of you, and so that's my shrine to Norm.


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