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24 July 2014

w.i.w.t | leather + lace + legs (+ a promotion!)

crown : crown + glory | pandora leather bracelet + rings c/o joshua james | dress c/o walG | shoes : primark

holy short skirt batman! i took these pictures on saturday, a.k.a the hottest day known to man, and the thought of putting tights on underneath this royal blue number from walG made we want to cry. so instead, you get more bare legged erica snaps to gawk over - lucky you! i would nevvvvvvver, ever, ever wear this dress outside of the confines of my room without tights though, trust me, because it is far too short and so very unladylike... even though lace basically equals demure. right?

on the subject of ladylike, check me out; upping my sparkly things game, thanks to pandora once again! the newest addition to my sparkly-things-collection comes in the form of this pink and girly leather bracelet from joshua james, and is my newest favourite accessory (did i already say that about the rings last time? probably. doesn't make it any less true though)! remember how i said i haaaaaate hate hate wearing things on my wrists? well, cue my dear friend carl over at jj suggesting i try something a little less 'fitted' and see if that makes a difference to my psychosomatic (my words, not his - hi carl!) fear of having my circulation cut off.

wouldn't you know it, the guy knows his jewellery because if anything, i find this version of the bracelet - with the double loop - almost a little too big (nothing more charms won't fix, amiriiight?) now. i did over compensate and get the biggest size though (because of the mental thing), but reckon in hindsight that the medium size might be perfect for my gentile wrists to survive comfortably without fear of suffocation. i adore the little bow and love heart charms that have kick-started my new charm collection (it's still a sore point, but carl is clearly helping me work through my issues)(good lad); it's going to be tough to decide on the next one to join the litter... there's just too many!

so, after the amount of you swooning over the stacker rings from a few weeks ago (oooh, aaaah), the good folks at pandora and joshua james have a little something something to make all your christmases come at once; from today until this sunday (27th july), with any pandora purchase over £75 you will now receive a single leather bracelet for free! spend over £85 on pandora bling, and you'll receive a double leather bracelet, like mine, for free! and, spend more than £95 on any pandora products and you will receive a triple leather bracelet... you guessed it; for free! you even get to choose your colour! how exciting for yoooou.

so, tell me... what are you buying?

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  1. very pretty!!! I think you look gorgeous even bare-legged :)

  2. That leather bracelet is an interesting take on pandora bracelets! I can't wait to see what other charms you get

  3. I really like it; it's subtle and yet still interesting enough to pay attention to... esp with all the bling on it! <3

  4. eeeeeep.. thanks dollface xx

  5. Just found your blog, and it's lovely! Very fun writing, and great pictures! I just started a blog last month, and it's way more involved then I thought, so anyways well done, this is a beautiful space!!


  6. Love the dress and whilst I'm not really a Pandora fan, that leather bracelet idea is lovely!

  7. Super gorgeous doll, love this look and stunning legs doll, wooo!! xx

  8. How are you so badass!? I'm really excited to have found your blog - I can't wait to read more.

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  9. oh, well thanks so much - what a lovely thing to say :)

  10. I like the quirky take on the traditional silver though! x

  11. how AM I so badass?! you may need to elaborate ;-) can't wait to have you around more (off to check your blog out now...) x

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