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26 July 2014

the end of an era

yesterday was the last day in the first job I had here in the uk. I've not really spoken a lot about my job on here (until recently), and mostly because there was not a lot to say. it's not a job I studied toward, one I applied for myself, nor a job I knew existed until I was in it. what it was originally was a means to an end; make the money, spend the money (alternate: save the money). well, I got really, really lucky in this job. not by any means because of the work I do (although the company does some really great things in the grand scheme of the music industry, I aint talking about that), but because of the all of the amazing things; things I will miss, and never miss, in equal measure.

the last almost-four years in that office have absolutely flown by. I have made some amazing friends and some tremendous enemies in that time, gained and lost a boyfriend, watched colleagues come and go, wonder how long the green ones would last, put bets on who'd be hooking up with who by the end of the Christmas party, and been drunk and hungover at my desk, hidden behind a giant mug of coffee too many times to count. I've written and recited more birthday poems that I care to remember, attended my fair share of comms days just for the free booze and posh platters, sat and watched more YouTube clips during the working day under the pretence of 'autonomous work' than I knew was humanly possible, and been introduced to my one true love; BuzzFeed.

I've worked hard and hardly worked in equal measure, sure. but the one thing I won't ever begrudge that job was all of the opportunities that it gave me; like, beyond giving me the opportunity to make money, that is. and don't misunderstand - I worked hard for a long time there. but I've also not worked so hard of late, and that's certainly allowed me to work harder on other things; like this blog. I spend a lot of my work day commenting, replying to emails, writing content, editing, coming up with ideas... I had a lot of spare time at hand in that job, and maybe because of that, this blog is now how it is.

this blog is largely why I got my new job, and I definitely have my old job to thank for that. without all that spare time to focus on something I loved doing (while being paid to do something I was pretty good at but was mostly bored by), I wouldn't be starting an incredible new adventure on Monday. I am scared. terrified! I hate being the new girl - loath the unknown. I'm incredibly anxious that they'll discover I'm a fraud and that I will bomb in the new role, but at the same time, I'm so damn excited to finally be starting a new chapter in my life and sealing this one shut.

this year has been tough; in work and out. but mostly in. I won't miss all the bullshit, that's for sure. I'm not naïve enough to think that bullshit is isolated to that one job, and am sure there will be a fair amount of it in the new one too. but at least I'll have the luxury of ignorance for a while.

wish me luck guys - I really think I'm going to need it!

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  1. Good luck with everything! It's good that you've taken that next step to change your life because I know a lot of people would just sit and be miserable at work instead of doing something about it. It sounds like I am actually in the same situation you was in at work. I pretty much fell into the job, purely because it was just that; "a job". It wasn't related to my degree, at all, but I enjoyed it. Fast forward 5 years and things have changed, people have changed, rules have changed and I've become dissatisfied with everything to the point of doing things I shouldn't be doing in work time (i.e. internet). Just hoping I get an interview for one of the few jobs I've recently applied for!
    But seriously, good luck - starting a new job can be scary, especially if you got so comfortable in your last one. Knowing that you have to go through all that again can be quite off-putting but you'll get to that comfortable stage again in no time :-)

  2. Erica, you're a smasher! You're gonna be great! Knock 'um out girl xx

  3. duck in a dress28 July 2014 at 23:10

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll be amazing! :-) xx

  4. 4 years somewhere is a long time! Im sure that everyone will miss you! But you're moving on to great things!


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