frock swap | tangerine dream

dress : topshop | bag c/o f&f | shoe c/o bhs | belt : thrifted

1. excuse the bruises. i had a slight altercation with some stairs last saturday morning, the result of which has left me looking like a dalmatian and in a great deal of pain. 2. excuse the bag in the background; i was too excited to get these pictures snapped while the sun was still "streaming" in my room last sunday afternoon that i totes forgot to tidy my room. 3. excuse my "just rushed in the house" hair style. see item 2. for more info.

this dress. rushing around the topshop sale on sunday with miss thing before she had to run to the train to get back to glasgow, i spotted this hanging in the concession while i was hunting for the dahlia rail. did not find said dahlia rail - do topshop still stock dahlia? i totally thought they did. anyway, did not find what i was looking for, found something better. by a brand i'd never heard of, lovestruck, this perfectly pastel wee chiffon number stole my heart instantly.

i took a gamble on the sizing, which almost semi kinda worked out in my favour (blast you bosoms!), but nothing a bit of buttons-that-are-undone-to-my-brassiere can't solve, that's for sure! as soon as i saw it, not only was it love, but i knew it was the perfect dress to pair with donna's wee coral bag from f&f - until now, it's been sitting on a chair in my room, waiting for the right dress to come along. well, that time is now.

i cannot for the life of me find the original posts from donna, debs or rachel, so i can't even show you how the other girls styled up this wee bag - i think it's safe to assume that for once, i did it best.

*winky face emoji*